Catalysing Social Impact via
Technology Solutions

NavaDhiti - a conscious start-up

Catalyst for Social impact

  • We strive to deliver scalable technology solutions for Social Entrepreneurs & Partners.

Enabling Careers

  • An ecosystem providing opportunities & competence development to deserving talent.


  • Self-governed professionals surrounded by ethical values, transparency, mentorship.


Product and Platform Engineering

Scalability & Stability by understanding the problem in totality and delivery of open source technology solutions, making the vision of our social impact partners a reality.

Value Addition Services

Synergising ecosystem strengths, to enable enhanced value-addition & impact, by evaluating systems with a consultative & collaborative approach to solve business needs.

Technology Solutions

 Design Principles

  • - Innovate at a rapid pace
  • - Agile based development
  • - Modularity and replaceability
  • - Data driven decision modelling

 Software Developments

  • - Transparency of development process
  • - Flexible, Stable, Secure environments
  • - Controlled, yets locking
  • - Future readiness , Cost-effectivity


  • - Cloud & Privately hosted
  • - Scalable & Extensible
  • - Robust, secure & supported
  • - Automation, DevOps

NavaDhiti: Your Partner of choice

Authentic Experiences

We believe that at every touch point across all our stakeholder interactions, its the experience that matters.

Build Credibility

We believe that our service delivery & our work ethics speaks for our ability to deliver consistent value.

Social Impact

We believe that as a partner, the nucleus of all our technology solutions helps drive social impact.

Foster Relationships

We believe that our focus in every engagement is to see how best they lead towards long term associations.

Case Study

Education Leadership Platform

Reimagining learning for leaders in education

  • Enable and amplify leadership development opportunities for individuals and institutions engaged in K-12 education systems.

Current Project Status

  • Education leadership platform journey
  • Timeline tracker (across 2 years)
  • Self paced learning, Time bound learning
  • Assessments & Progress mapping
  • Feature Selection :: User Mapping
  • Workflow : Roll outs
  • 3rd party integration
  • Intervention planning

Partner Deliverables

Core Value

  • Strategic Consulting on the Technology vision
  • Role of CTO – Technology Partner
  • Platform Architecture & Road mapping
  • Cross platform enablement – Web & Mobility
  • Technology & Engineering management
  • Vendor/Partner integration and management
  • Infrastructure selection and management
  • Features, Enhancements & Extensibility
  • Native & Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Analytics at Scale, Automation, and CI-CD

Join Us On Our Journey

Team Navadhiti

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Inherent deep desire to do well, fire in the belly to excel and prove oneself.


A natural ability which is suitable for the technology & IT development profile.


The outlook, behaviour and perspectives towards delivering positive value.


Excited by the vision and aim of the company, is aligned to the guiding principles.

  • Abdul Siddik P
    Software Engineer
  • Achaiah P M
    Executive Office & Relations
  • Alveera Fatima
    Software Engineer
  • Amoghavarsh Desai
    Software Engineer
  • Ankita Basude
    Software Engineer
  • Anuradha U
    Software Engineer
  • Arun Acharya
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Arun J
    Lead - Software Engineering
  • Arunachalam E
    Lead - Software Engineering
  • Bachi Allamsetty
    Technology & Solutions
  • Bhanumathi
    Software Engineer
  • Chetan Basude
    Software Engineer
  • Dhanancheziyan V
    Software Engineer
    Executive - Administration
  • Dheeraj Malik
    Senior Software Engineer
  • G Anjani Kumar
    Software Engineer
  • Gagan K G
    QA Engineer
  • H Nikshitha S Shetty
    Software Engineer
  • Hari Prakash K
    Lead - Software Engineering
  • Jagadish
    Software Engineer
  • Jhansi K
    QA Engineer
  • John Richard I
    Software Engineer
  • K Likhit Kumar
    Software Engineer
  • Komathi K
    Software Engineer
  • Lokesh
    Software Engineer
  • Md Yunus S
    Software Engineer
  • Mishritha B J
    Software Engineer
  • Monisha B N
    Software Engineer
  • Palani Pavan B
    Software Engineer
  • Pavithra J
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Prashant Batgeri
    Software Engineer
  • Radhika B
    QA Engineer
  • Rahul David A
    Software Engineer
  • Raman
    Software Engineer
  • Reena K
    Software Engineer
  • S Mohammed Novfal
    Software Engineer
  • Sachin Patil
    Software Engineer
  • Sagar J Panchal
    Software Engineer
  • Sanjay Yadav
    Solution Architect
  • Santosh Kori
    Software Engineer
  • Sasanapuri likhitha
    Software Engineer
  • Shalini c
    Software Engineer
  • Shubham Wasnik
    Software Engineer
  • Sneha D
    Software Engineer
  • Sneha Ravikumar Harti
    Software Engineer
  • Someswar Reddy
    Software Engineer
  • Sunil R Kalgi
    Software Engineer
  • Suprabha Kunder
    Software Engineer
  • Swapna M
    QA Engineer
  • Vanavarayan K
    Software Engineer
  • Vasee Ahmed
    Software Engineer
  • Vishwanath V Balkur
    Software Engineer

Team In Action